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Turbo Separator for Paper Industry

Turbo Separator Paper Industry

Turbo separator is a high efficient cleaning pulp processing equipment for paper industry, it is used in conjunction with the Hydrapulper machine, avoid the break of impurities, reduce burden of flowing screening equipment, at the same time Hydrapulper can increase the hole size of screen plate, improve production capacity of Hydrapulper.


The combination of Hydrapulper and Turbo separator ensures trouble-free continuous operation of the pulp processing line.  It need not be shut down for the cleaning of the pulper even if the furnish contains a high percentage of impurities.


In this two-stage pulping process, the secondary fibers are processed by the previous equipments; this allows Hydrapulper with large diameter of screen plate. Large impurities such as polystyrene, cork, cellophane, etc., as well as specifically heavy contraries such as stones, staples, etc., are entrained by the flowing stock. The turbo separator discharges light and heavy impurities from pulp.



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