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100TPD Waste Newspaper Pulp Manufacturing Line



    Complete waste newspaper pulp making line supplier

    Paper plants can produce high quality cultural paper by processing waste newspaper. As China leading manufacturer of pulp and paper equipment, Leizhan supplies complete pulp manufacturing line for cultural paper making.   Leizhan offer comprehensive services in support of these customer processes: from replacement parts to complete mill maintenance contracts. The 100TPD waste newspaper processing solution as follows:


    100t/d waste newspaper pulp manufacturing equipment

    Raw material conveying: BFW1400 Chain conveyor

    Pulping: ZG2750 Drum pulper

    Pulp cleaning: ZSC4  H.C. sand removerKH400 Low density heavey impurity cleaner

    Screening: ZNS1.2 Mid consistency pressure screenPZ2 Turbo separatorZNS3 Outflow pressure screen, ZNS1.2 Outflow pressure screen, ZNS0.3 Outflow pressure screen

    Deinking: MAC624-5 Closed multi-stage flotation cell

    Pulp washing: XJJ15 High speed washer

    Refining: DD600 Double disc refiner