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1575mm Culture Paper A4 Paper Machine


    1575mm Culture Paper A4 Paper Machine is a paper machine that produces 90-100 g/m2 of culture paper. The machine consists of head back, round wire section, press section, drying section, and roll. The final product of 1575mm culture paper machine a4 paper machine can be cut into a3 paper, a4 paper,etc. We are a professional manufacturer of industry and trade and offer complete production line equipment of the paper machine.


    Technical Data Of Culture A4 Paper Machine


    Raw material: wood pulp, waste paper(no deinking)
    Paper grade: A4 paper, culture paper, writing paper
    Trimmed width: 1575mm
    Basis weight: 90-100g/㎡
    Design speed: 60m/min
    Working speed: 40-50m/min
    Capacity: 10T/D
    Frame distance: 2400mm


    There are more equipment used in 1575mm Culture Paper A4 Paper Machine pulping line, such as hydrapulper, high density cleaner, double disc refiner and so on. Whatever choose which kind of raw material, we can provide complete stock preparation line equipment. Email address: