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1760mm Fourdrinier Multi-cylinder Culture Paper Machine


    Fourdrinier multi-cylinder culture paper machine is divided into wire part, press part,
    drying part and roll part. Wire part, wire length 12000mm, cantilever mechanical change wire,
    vacuum roller, diameter 650mm.Press part, natural stone roll diameter 500mm, press glue roll
    diameter 450mm, compressed air blowing open paper, back pressure paper drawing paper. Drying
    part, dryer cylinder diamater 1200mm, 28 dryer cyliner(its 2 with chrome), 2 cold cylinder, 8
    drying felt cylinder, devided into 3 parts 6-6-8+2 cold cylinder. Closed gase transmission.
    Roll part, The paper roll removed from the paper machine is placed on the paper exit frame,
    and the brake device on the paper machine maintains a certain tension of the paper web,
    and the paper roll is quickly braked to reduce paper loss when the paper is broken.

    Fourdrinier Writing Paper Machine Specifications

    Net width:1760mm
    Working speed:100-200m/min
    Production capacity:25t/d
    Transfer method:total shaft drive

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