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2-4t/d Newspaper Making Machine


newspaper-making-machineNewspaper is a kind of cultural, it’s making process is similar to other cultural paper, the raw material can be waste newspaper, white shavings, recycled paper, wood pulp etc.


2-4t/d Newspaper Making Machine Information


1) Raw material:Wood pulp, waste paper
2) Output paper style: A4 copy paper, newspaper etc cultural paper
3) Capacity: 2-4T/D
4) Output paper weight: 80-140g/m2
5) Net paper width:1200mm;
6) Width of copper cylinder:1450mm
7) Rail gauge:1800mm
8) Drive way: AC inverter speed,section drive


If the raw material is newspaper, we provide the newspaper deinking line and pulping line, more details welcome to consult us: