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2000/180 Fourdrinier Writing Paper Machine



2000/180 Fourdrinier Multi-cylinder Writing Paper Machine is used for the 40-85g/m2  writing and printing paper production, the finished product is paper in jumbo roll.


The writing and printing paper machine consists of Headbox, Wire section, Press setcion, Dryer section, Sizing machine, Calender, Reeling machine, Foundation, Machanical drive and its electrical control, etc.


Technical data of 2000/180 Writing Paper Machine

Main product: cultural paper

Base weight:40-85g/m2

Net width: 2000mm

Capacity: 15t/d

Working speed:140-180m/min

Designed speed:100m/min

Wire width: 2450mm

Headbox lip width: 2300mm

Gauge:2800mm (based on the design)

Driving mode: AC motor frequency conversion speed subsection drive

layout form: one floor arrangement


Dryness of each part of the paper machine:

Dryness after wire section: ≥21%

Dryness of entering Drying Cylinder: ≥42%

Dryness after dryer section: ≥90%

Dryness of the finished paper: 92%

Lateral shrinkage: ≤5%

Compressed air pressure: ≤0.6MPa

Max. single unit weight: ~20t