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50T/18H Deinking Culture Paper Pulping Line


    Generally speaking, waste paper and virgin are raw material to produce culture paper. But in order to meet market demand and control the investment cost, paper mill owner will choose waste paper as raw material. Leizhan offer complete stock preparation line equipment included deinking machine to remove ink, pulp treatment machine to remove impurities and hot disperser system to remove glue of pulp. High efficiency deinking culture paper pulping line treatment equipment, low investment and high benefits. Waste paper deinking machine pulping flow chart as below.


    Culture Paper Pulping Line Deinking Flow Chart


    Chain conveyor → High consistency hydrapulper → High density cleaner → M.C. coarse screen → Reject separator → 1 grade first stage low density cleaner → Second stage low density cleaner → third stage low density cleaner → M.C. fine screen → Front flotation deinking machine → 2 grade 1st stage L.C.Cleaner → High-Speed stock washer → Screw press washer → Heater → Disc disperser → Screw conveyor → High consistency bleaching tower


    The deinking machine of our company has advantages of advanced manufacture process, high efficiency and low energy consumption. Tell me your raw material and requirements, our technical group will design reasonable proposal for you. Welcome to consult me for more details about 50T/18H Deinking Culture Paper Pulping Line. Email address: