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A4 Paper Making Machine


    a4 paper making machine

    With the development of technology, printers are becoming more and more common in our daily life, the demand of A4 paper has grown too. Leizhan paper machinery can provide whole different production a4 paper production line for paper mill, which from stock preparation line to paper making line.

    A4 Paper Making Machine Pulping Line

    Raw material→Chain Conveyor→Hydrapulper→High Density Cleaner→Coarse Screen→Vibrating Screen→Low Density Cleaner→Mid Consistency Pressure Screen→Light Impurity Separator→Reject Separator→Refining Machine→Inflow Pressure Screen

    A4 Paper Making Process

    Headbox(wire section)→Press Section→Drying Section→Driving Section→Foundation Part→High-grade A4 Paper.

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