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Cheap Price Paper Printing Machine


    Cheap Price Paper Printing Machine

    Paper printing machine is mainly used to print the characters and images on the paper, modern paper printing machine are generally composed of plates, inks, embossing, and paper feeding (including folding). We are able to supply the whole project of printing paper making machine, which is high quality and cheap price.


    Printing Paper Making Machine Specification


    Raw material: Recycling paper, virgin wood
    Capacity: Rely on your demand
    Printing paper stock preparation line: From the waste paper breaking and conveying machine to pulping, screening, separating, cleaning, refining, pulp approaching, etc.
    Printing paper making machine:
    Printing speed: 100m/min,
    Printing color: 4 colors,
    Max width of paper: 450mm
    Max printing width: 420mm
    Printing length: 175-355mm


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