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Complete Carbonless Paper Production Line



    Complete Carbonless Paper Production Line from Leizhan 

    Leizhan offers full set of paper production plant machine for paper makers. To produce Cultural paper like: Office paper, Carbonless paper, Copy paper, Printing paper and so on, we suggest paper manufacturers choose wood pulp, white shavings and deinked paper pulp as raw material.


    The full Carbonless paper production plant contains two parts: Pulp making project and Carbonless paper making project. Use 30T/D paper making plant for example, Leizhan gives following solution.


    30T/D Commodity wood pulp making process

    Chain conveyorD type hydrapulperHigh density cleanerConical refinerDouble disc refinerPressure screen before paper machine-Pulp chest agitator


    Carbonless paper making machine supplier

    Automatic Carbonless paper making machine will be provided according to customer’s specific demands. With up-to-date technology and high quality equipment, Leizhan Carbonless paper machine are well-welcomed around the world.