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Fourdrinier Writing Paper Machine


    Fourdrinier Writing Paper Machine is used for making culture paper, office a4 paper and printing paper, the finished product is paper roll. The fourdrinier writing paper machine consists of wire section, press setcion, dryer section, sizing machine, calender, reeling machine, foundation, machanical drive and its electrical control, etc.


    Technical Data of 2000mm Fourdrinier Writing Paper Machine


    Raw material: virgin pulp
    Main product: cultural paper/ office a4 paper/ printing paper
    Base weight:40-85g/㎡
    Trimmed width: 2000mm
    Capacity: 15t/d
    Working speed:140-180m/min
    Designed speed:100m/min
    Wire width: 2450mm
    Headbox lip width: 2300mm


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