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Paper make and sell is always a low investment and high return business, which can bring great business. These days, we received many messages about start paper making business, here we have been in paper industry about 40 years, proficient at paper making, and our equipment can produce high quality paper but use lowest power.


Paper Kind And Paper Making Machinery


Classification of paper: Tissue, Kraft/Testliner, Corrugated/Fluting/Medium, Cultural/Office, Coating and so on
Paper making process: If we want to get high quality paper, first is make pulp, then through headbox, wire part, pressing, drying, calendering, rewinding to get final paper.
Paper pulp and paper manufacturing equipment:
Chain conveyor( conveying waste paper) ,
Pulper( Pulping waste paper to pulp ),
Pulp Cleaner(removing impurities in the pulp),
Pulp Screening( screening and separate the fine pulp and impurities ),
Turbo Separator( Separating light and heavy impurities),
Vibrating Screen/Reject Separator( pulp tailing device, reduce fiber loss )
Inflow Pressure Screen( approaching pulp to the paper machine )
Tissue/Kraft/Corrugated/Cultural/Coating Paper Machine: Get final paper then sent to winding and rewinding, cutting, packaging, etc.


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