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120t Three Wires Kraft Paper Machine


    120t Three Wires Kraft Paper Machine

    Kraft paper is made from recycling waste paper or wood pulp as raw material to make. These raw materials through pulping line flows into kraft paper wire part, press part, drying part and reeling part. Final paper product is big kraft paper roll. The 120t three wires kraft paper machine as below.


    Three Wires Kraft Paper Making Machine


    1. Raw material: waste paper, wood pulp, brown cellulose
    2. Output paper: kraft paper, testliner paper
    3. Quantitative range: 90-350g/㎡
    4. Trimmed width: 3600mm
    5. Production capacity: 120t/d
    6. Working speed: 180-250m/min
    7. Design speed: 260m/min
    8. Crawling speed: 30m/min
    9. Dynamic balancing speed: 400m/min
    10. Wire width: 4100mm
    11. Headbox lip width: 3950mm
    12. Gauge: 4600mm


    For the entire kraft paper production line, the early pulping production is very important, because the quality of the pulp directly affects the quality of the final product. More details about three wires kraft paper machine, please feel free to contact us. Email address: