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1350mm Overfeed Rewinder For Paper Winding


1350mm Overfeed Rewinder For Paper Winding

The purpose of the rewinder is to rewind the paper rolls produced by the paper machine (called the original paper roll), and the paper is re-rolled to make the finished paper.


ZWJK frame type overfeed rewinder mainly used the paper width under 1350mm to finished paper rewinding. The full-width paper roll that has been wound on the paper machine is placed on the unwinding frame of the winder and re-rolled into a finished paper roll that meets the width and tightness requirements.


Paprameter Details Of 1350 Overfeed Rewinder


Basis weight: 100-500g/m²
Net paper width: 1350mm
Balanced speed: 500m/min
Working speed: 350m/min
Support roll diameter: φ500mm
Original paper max diameter: φ1800mm
Finished paper max diameter: φ1800mm
Paper leading type: overfeed leading
Lifting device: Hydraulic lift
Motor power: 18.5kw


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