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150T LOCC Pulping Line Machine


    Paper mill always use LOCC as raw material to make carton box paper, like kraft paper, corrugated paper or T-paper. whole set LOCC pulping line machine can be provided by our company. 150t LOCC pulping line machine details as below.


    LOCC Recycling Pulping Line Machine


    Conveying machine: Chain Conveyor
    Pulper machine: Drum Pulper
    Pulp cleaning machine: High Density Cleaner, Middle Density Cleaner, Low Density Cleaner, Reject Separator, Fiber Separator
    Pulp screening machine: Middle Consistency Coarse Screen, Fine Screen, Fractionating Screen
    Pulp thickening machine: Disc Thickener


    Leizhan offer whole set LOCC recycling pulping line machine, Contact us for more details. Email address: