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150T/D Testliner Paper Machine


    150tpd testliner paper machine

    “I want a machine of double layer 3400 to 4000 mm 150+ tons per day testliner machine, gsm 100 to 160 gsm paper required” This is one of our customer’s request. About this project, our professional provide the reasonable advice and project.


    150T/D Testliner Paper Making

    We advice to produce testliner paper use LOCC, which is low cost and high return but get high quality testliner. First is pulping line, the main procedure as following: Chain Conveyor→Drum Pulper→High Density Cleaner→Mid Consistency Coarse Screen→Light Impurity Separator→Reject Separator→Mid Density Cleaner→Fractionating Screen→Low Density Cleaner→2nd Fractionating Screen→Fine Screen→Pulp Chest and bottom layer Inclind Screen


    This process can clearly separate top layer pulp and bottom layer pulp, these two kinds of pulp all through headbox form together and flow into paper machine wire part. As for 150t/d testliner paper making details, welcome to sent email for more details. We supply trimmed width from 1880-5800mm, production speed from 45-750t/d. Our engineer will design the corresponding project according to your capacity and requirements. Email: