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150T/D Fluting/Testliner/White Board Paper Making Line To Egypt


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    After last time Ukraine Yarn Tube paper pulping delivery site, Leizhan’s order from Egypt has finished. Their new project is 150t/d Fluting/Testliner/White Board Paper Making, our professional engineer design a low consumption and high efficiency paper making line for them. Here are the details.


    Paper Making Line Details


    Here this time, they purchased Drum Pulper followed our advice, this equipment just has little large investment in initial period, but the benefits it bring is much higher than it’s cost. If use Drum Pulper in whole line, then the continuous pulping system needed by D Type Hydrapulper all can omit. As we all know, continuous pulping system include many equipment, such as Drum Screen, Ragger, Grapple, Rope Cutter, Sediment Well, Hydrapurger, etc. These equipment greatly increase the power consumption.


    Beside, High-speed Stock can efficiently remove the ink particles and small impurities, which improve the pulp quality but has no damage to fiber.


    Leizhan also manufacture Reject Separator, Light Impurity Separator to deal tailing in paper making process, try best to reduce the loss of fine pulp and fiber, if you have trouble about too large power consumption in your paper mill? Welcome to consult Leizhan paper machinery, we will give you the most reasonable advice: