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150TPD Two Layer Kraft Paper Machine


    For paper making kraft paper, the customers usually use wood pulp or OCC as raw materials. The raw materials go through a series of screening, cleaning and refining, accept pulp enters into kraft paper machine to make new final kraft paper. Leizhan offer complete kraft paper making stock preparation line equipment. High quality, high efficiency and low energy consumption.


    Main Technical Data of 150Tpd Kraft Paper Machine


    Output paper: high grade kraft paper, corrugated paper
    Raw material: OCC
    Trimmed width: 3400mm
    Basis weight: 90-180g/㎡
    Working speed: 350m/min
    Design speed: 400m/min
    Width of rolling paper: 3450mm
    Production capacity: 150t/d
    width of wire: 3850mm
    Gauge: 4500mm


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