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15t/d Cheap Kraft/Testliner Paper Making Machine



    Kraft/Testliner paper making machine made in China is always in high quality and low price, that’s why many paper maker import paper making machine from China, Leizhan supply the whole set of Kraft/testliner paper making machine. The below are the details.


    Main Structure Of Kraft/Testliner Paper Machine


    Headbox (open type; air cushion type; hydraulic)
    Wire /Forming Section (mould-forming; fourdrinier; multi-layers)
    Press Section
    Dryer Section(dryer cylinder; dryer hood)
    Pope Reel
    Drive Section (AC Frequency Inverter Sectional)
    Electric Control System
    Lubrication System
    Broke Agitator System
    Others (sole plate; walkway & ladder)


    Kraft Paper Machine Technical Parameter:


    1.  Raw material:recycle paper;

    2. Output paper style: Kraft paper

    3. Output paper weight: 80-300 g/m2

    4. Net paper width: 1600mm

    5. Capacity: 15T/D

    6. Width of cylinder mould: 1950 mm

    7. Rail gauge: 2400 mm

    8. Drive way: AC inverter speed, section drive


    Each part of kraft/testliner paper machine is important to final paper’s quality, include the stock preparation line.  Leizhan will provide you best proposal to get highest kraft/testliner paper to cover the market, more details consult us: