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1800t/d Drum Pulper for Paper Making Project


    Drum pulper mainly used for waste paper pulping and coarse screening of high capacity packaging paper making plant. Raw materials that can be processed by the pulper included: AOCC, OCC or white shavings. The biggest capacity is 1800t/d. Main specifications of 1800t/d drum pulper as below.


    Main Specifications of 1800t/d Drum Pulper


    Raw matarial: AOCC, OCC or white shavings
    Drum diameter: 4500mm
    Production capacity: 1400-1800t/d
    Working consistency: 14-18%
    Motor power:2*710-1200kw
    Features: low energy consumption, few quick-wear parts, continuous pulping, low maintenance cost.


    High capacity drum pulper for large capacity kraft flute paper making line. Contact us for more details. Email address: