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2850 Four Layer Cardboard Paper Machine Equipment


In foreign countries, waste paper is called forest resources in the city, because whether it is used

newspapers, book paper, office paper, kraft paper, paper basket, corrugated paper, etc., are

valuable fiber raw materials.Four layer cardboard paper machineuse waste carton box as raw

material, paper trimmed width is 2850mm, mainly used for cardboard paper making . Paper

machine is consist of headbox, wire section, press section, front drying section, oblique surface

sizing machine, back drying section, calender section, reel section.


Four Layer Cardboard Paper Machine Speciafications


Basis weight: 100-240g/m²
Trimmed Width: 2850mm
Rail Distance: 4000mm
Working Speed: 180-200m/min
Designed Speed: 250m/min
Nominal Capacity: 120t/d
Drive Type: AC Frequency Conversion Partial Drive
Installation Capacity: 938kW_
Outward Size: 64000mm *11000mm *5800mm (length *width *height)
Pulp Ratio: 100% Waste Pulp


The Significance Of Cardboard Paper Recycling


Papermaking with waste paper, low energy consumption, low environmental protection treatment costs, low unit raw material cost, newsprint produced by using waste paper in China can reduce the production cost of raw wood pulp by 300 yuan/ton, and can also reduce environmental pollution. Therefore, paper and paperboard produced using recycled fiber are called green products.


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