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30T/18H Liner Pulp Pulping Project


    30t/18h liner pulp pulping project

    When paper mill produce three layer or four layer packaging paper, liner pulp is play an important role between top layer and bottom layer, Here is the details about 30t/18h liner pulp pulping project.


    Liner Pulp Making project


    Pulping capacity: 30T/18H
    Raw material;Poor quality mixed waste white paper
    Pulping Process: D Type Hydrapulper→High Density Cleaner→Mid Consistency Pressure Coarse Screen(tailing to Reject Separator)→Low Density Cleaner→Mid Consistency Pressure Screen Fine Screen→Inclined Screen→Liner Pulp Chest


    This is 30t/18h liner pulp pulping project is designed by our engineer according to customer’s demand, for they want to produce white cardboard and corrugated paper, if you have any need, consult us:, our professional engineer will design the most suitable project for reference.