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3200mm Double Layer Multi-cylinder Kraft Paper Machine


    double fourdrinier layer multi-cylinder kraft paper making machine

    One of our customer want to 3200mm double layer kraft paper, our engineer recommend the following technicial specification:


    Double Layer Kraft Paper Machine Technicial Data


    Paper kind: Kraft paper
    Making quantity: 80-200gsm
    Paper Width: 3200mm
    Gauge: 4300mm( The final design to prevail )
    Design speed: 100-180m/min
    Capacity: 100t/d
    Dryness: Out of the wire: ≥18-21%;
    Out of press part: ≥38-42%;
    Final paper dryness: 90%-92%
    Kraft paper machine running time: 22.5h
    Caculate making rate: 95%
    Calculate yield: 96%


    If you have any need for double layer kraft paper making machine or corrugated/living/cultural paper making machine, welcome to consult us: Our engineer will design the suitable project according to your demand.