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3600mm Yarn Tube Paper Machine


    One of our clients use America waste paper as raw material to make yarn tube paper. Our technical engineers have formulated a reasonable technical solution according to the client’s requirements. Main technical data of 3600mm yarn tube paper machine as below.


    Main Technical Data of 3600mm Yarn Tube Paper Machine


    Paper type: yarn tube paper
    Basis weight: 280-500g/㎡
    Raw material: #11 America waste paper
    Roll paper width: 3650mm
    Headbox lip width: 3900mm
    Working speed: 150~250m/min
    Mechanical design speed: 300 m/min
    Large paper roll diameter: 2800mm
    Dynamic balance speed: 400m/min
    Crawl speed: 20 m/min
    Transmission mode: AC variable frequency control sub-transmission


    Recycling waste paper to make yarn tube paper, kraft paper and corrugated paper. Unit paper recycling packaging paper production line machine supplier from China. More info about 3600mm yarn tube paper machine, please feel free to contact us. Email address: