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40Tpd Kraft Paper Machine


    Recycling waste paper to make kraft paper, after pulping, screening and refining, paper pulp flows into kraft paper machine and then winding to the paper roll. We offer whole set kraft paper roll making machine. More technical data about 40tpd kraft paper machine as below.


    Small Capacity Kraft Paper Machine


    1. Raw material: waste paper
    2. Output paper: fluting paper, testliner, white or brown top liner;
    3. Capacity: 40t/d
    4. Net paper width: 2880mm
    5. Output paper weight: 80-200g/m²
    6. Diameter of dryer: 1500mm
    7. Width of dryer: 3150mm


    We can offer complete paper making line machine, whatever small capacity or large capacity. Email address: