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4200mm Paper Sizing Machine


    4200mm paper sizing machine for kraft paper machine. The working principle of the sizing machine is that the finished paper web will continuously, uniformly and stably coat the surface of the finished paper with the emulsified glue through the surface sizing machine. After a series of physical actions such as infiltration, penetration, and extrusion, a very thin waterproof layer is formed on the surface of the finished paper, which greatly improves the water absorption resistance of the paper.


    Technical Programme for 4200mm Sizing Machine


    Basis weight: 125-450g/㎡
    Trimmed width: 4250mm
    Design speed: 450m/min
    Operating speed: 400m/min
    Gauge: 5200mm
    Design line pressure: 80KN/m
    Working line pressure: 40-60KN/m
    Sizing amount: 4~6g/㎡


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