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4250mm Paper Machine Sizing Machine


Sizing machine is important parts of paper machine. 4250mm sizing machine is a process in which a sizing agent is applied to the surface of paper to enhance the paper’s resistance to penetration and diffusion of aqueous solutions. After sizing, the paper has the properties of delaying fluid penetration, and achieves the purpose of resisting ink (such as writing paper), oil (such as food packaging paper), water and steam (such as paper bag paper).


Technical Specifications of 4250mm Sizing Machine


Basis weight: 125-450g/㎡
Trimmed width: 4250mm
Design speed: 450m/min
Operating speed: 400m/min
Gauge: 5200mm
Sizing amount: 4-6g/㎡
Working line pressure: 40-60KN/m
Pressurization method: pressurizing with pneumatic tire


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