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4300mm Multi Wire Craft Liner Paper Machine


    4300mm Multi Wire Craft Liner Paper Machine

    Combining advanced technologies from home and abroad, we have designed a mature, reliable, economical and reasonable papermaking machine: 4300mm multi wire craft liner paper machine. The cylinder mould of forming part uses 5 φ1800 cylinder mould pressure formers for pulping and vacuum return rolls, the pressing part uses one vacuum press and two large-diameter roll presses, and uses a hydraulic pressurization system. The drying part uses a square box frame with good ventilation performance, and the 4300 craft liner paper machine uses a semi-open steam hood.


    4300 Multi Cylinder Craft Paper Machine


    Raw material: 100%LOCC
    Main product: craft liner paper
    Production capacity: 240t/d
    Trimmed width: 4300mm
    Basis weight: 100-300g/㎡
    Design speed: 250m/min
    Working speed: 200m/min
    Crawling speed: 25m/min
    Gauge: 5400mm


    When use locc as raw material to make craft paper, in the pulping process, many slag removal and screening equipment are used, such as pressure screens, cleaner machines, pulping machines, etc. The pulp that reaches the accept pulp standard will flow into the 4300 multi cylinder craft paper machine to produce craft liner paper.


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