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4400mm Recycling Kraft Paper Making Machine


    Our company Leizhan can design and provide the complete set of kraft paper making line. This paper production line uses waste paper as raw material. Our company’s paper pulping equipment adopts advanced technology, which can efficiently pulping waste paper into pulp, effectively remove impurities in the pulp, and produce high-quality kraft paper products.


    Technical Parameters


    1. Trimmed width: 4400mm
    2. Gram weight: 80-150gsm
    3. Capacity: 250tpd
    4. Design speed: 400m/min
    5. Working speed: 350-400m/mi
    6. Gauge: 5700mm
    7. Transmission mode: AC variable frequency drive


    The kraft paper making line provided by our company uses advanced technology and equipment to achieve efficient and stable production, produce high-quality kraft paper products, and meet market demand.
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