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450t Stock Preparation Line Machine


OCC is a kind of recycled paper production raw material commonly used in the paper industry, like kraft paper making line, corrugated paper making line or T-paper making line, etc. Leizhan company offer unit stock preparation line machine and these equipment have the characteristics of high quality, low consumption and less fiber loss. Main design data of 450t stock preparation line machine as below.


Machine Design Data of 450t Stock Preparation Line Machine


Chain conveyor: 1800mm
D type hydrapulper: 550t/d
Nominal volume of grapple: 0.2㎡
Ragger: 7.5KW
Hydrapurger: 160KW
Drum screen: 2000mm
High density cleaner: 4000-4500l/min
Coarse screen: 110KW
Light impurity separator: 75KW
Reject separator: 35-45t/d
Vibrating screen: 7-15t/d


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