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4600/1500 Automatic Paper Rewinding Machine


    4600/1500 Automatic Paper Rewinding machine

    This rewinder is underfeed double-drum rewinding machine without shaft. Mainly used for corrugated, T paper rewinding. The specification as following:


    Specifications Of Automatic Rewinder


    Paper Kind: Corrugated paper, T Paper, Kraft paper, etc
    Basis weight: 90-200g/m²
    Paper width: 4600mm
    Roll width: 4660mm
    Doule top spacing: 4400-4800mm
    Working speed: 1500m/min
    Transmission speed: 1500m/min
    Finished paper roll max diameter: 1500mm
    Use minimum paper core: External diameter 100mm
    Balanced speed: 1600m/min


    The specific paper rewinding machine is design as customer’s demand, 4600/1500 automatic paper rewinding machine here just for reference, if you have any need, welcome to consult us: