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Broken Paper Pulper Price


Drum Pulper, M.C. Hydrapulper, H.C. Hydrapulper and D Type Hydrapulper are widely used in papermaking pulping lines. These pulpers machine recycle waste paper turn into pulping in initial pulping stage. Compared with these pulpers, broken paper pulper mainly used to pulping broken paper from all kinds paper machine press section, calender and reeling machine. The broken paper pulper adopted optimized rotor shape, high suction rate greatly increases the friction between fibers and supplemented by a brand new slurry tank structure.


Main Specifications Of Broken Paper Pulper


Pulping raw material: waste paper
Rotor diameter: 750-1300mm
Accept pulp inlet: 300-500DN
Pulp chest volume: 5.5-80m³
Width of pulp chest: 2500-8000mm
Pulp consistency: 3-5%
Screen hole: 10-24mm
Motor power: 45-630kw


There are many pulpers in different paper recycling pulping line, like Drum Pulper, M.C. Hydrapulper, H.C. Hydrapulper and D Type Hydrapulper, etc. We offer all kinds of pulpers and complete stock preparation line equipment. Want to know more details about broken paper pulper, contact us. Email address: