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Coarse Screen VS Fiber Separator


    Pulping equipment coarse screen and fiber separator are important equipment for cleaning slurry in packaging paper pulp production line. Coarse screen are mainly used to screen the slurry in the initial screening stage of the slurry, while the fiber separator mainly removes some light and heavy impurities in the slurry, and can also be used in the tailings treatment system. But compared with the fiber separator, what are the advantages of the coarse screen?


    Advantage Of Coarse Screen In Stock Line


    1.Production capacity


    Using the same power motor, the pulping capacity of the coarse screen is greater than fiber separator, and the capacity of coarse screen is twice that of the fiber separator.


    2.Energy consumption


    The hole of the coarse screen is smaller than fiber separator. For processing the same output of slurry, the efficiency of the coarse screen is higher and the energy consumption is smaller.


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