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Comparison of Recycling Paper Pulping Machine


The competition in the packaging paper industry is becoming more and more fierce. Facing worse and worse waste paper raw materials and higher and higher quality requirements for finished paper, paper manufacturers can only make changes from the transformation and upgrading of pulping machine.


Comparison of Drum Pulper and D Type Hydrapulper


1. Drum Pulper uses gentle pulping, does not damage the length and strength of waste paper fibers, and can effectively improve the quality of finished pulp.
D Type Hydrapulper uses powerful hydraulic pulping, and the high-speed rotating rotor drives the water flow to have a very large shearing force, which can cause damage to recycled fibers and impurities.

2. A Drum Pulper is equivalent to a D type continuous pulping system.

3. Drum pulper is more energy-efficient than D Type Hydrapulper, and saves electricity costs.


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