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D Type Pulper For Paper Pulping


    D type pulper is able to deal with LOCC, AOCC or commercial wood pulp. There are two types of pulper’s body materials, carbon steel or stainless steel. The D type pulper equipped with automatic remove impurities device and intermittent beating, which can better protect the fiber from being damaged. D type pulper also used in kraft paper making line, fluting paper making line or testliner making line. The paper pulper has the advantages of high capacity, perfect pulping ability and save pulping time.


    Main Data of D Type Pulper


    Pulping materials: LOCC, AOCC, Wood pulp.
    Normal volume: 5m³-140m³
    Consistency: 3-5%
    Production capacity: 30-1200t/d
    Motor power: 75kw-1250kw


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