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Dryer In Dryer Section


    dryer in dryer section


    Drying cylinder is made of cast iron with a cover on both ends of the hollow cylinder, consists of a cylinder block and its two ends, the outer diameter is most 1000 ~ 3000mm. In the running process, the steam inside will dry out the paper. There are Single Run and Multiple Dryer(single+conventional) in paper mill.


    What Is The Benefits Of Single Run?


    1. Fully supported sheet run.
    2. Automated and ropeless tail threading
    3. Ease of broke handling.
    4. Simple and functional design.
    5. Support after press and efficient running ability components produces high strain potential, low porosity and improved internal strength.
    6. Excellent running ability.
    7. Stability at high speeds.
    8. Efficient and simple operation.