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Grey Board Making Machine




    Description About Grey Board

    Grey board is a cardboard which is made of 100% recycled pulp fiber. Grey board is extra smooth on both sides, and therefore it is perfect for many other creative projects.


    Grey Board Making Line

    The way to produce grey board is similar like the way to make other kind paper. Generally, grey board making plant includes these steps: conveying, pulping, cleaning, screening and refining. Each step is indispensable and play an necessary role.


    In January 2017, Leizhan paper machine company worked with one Iran customer to upgrade the grey board making line. In this solution, Leizhan designed a high-efficiency and low energy consumption installation way to improve the grey board production line.


    The grey board making machine consists of a chain conveyor, a hydrapupler, a high density cleaner, an auto-cleaning vibrating screen and a double disc refiner. With the cooperation of these series equipment, the pulping fiber can reach to a high standard and make a preparation for the next drying procedure.