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High Capacity Pulper Machine Drum Pulper


Drum pulper usually used in high capacity slurry pulping line of cardboard paper use OCC or LOCC as raw material, which can continuous pulping and gentle pulping to reduce damage to fibers. Drum pulper can replace the traditional full set of continuous crushing system pulping equipment, which greatly reducing the subsequent capital investment. High pulping capacity, few quick-wear parts and low maintenance cost.


Main Structure Of Drum Pulper


Feed hopper: Convenient for chain conveyor to convey waste paper into drum pulper.
Pre-soaking part: Waste paper and water mix will.
Pulping part: Under 14%-18% high consistency to screening slurry.
screening part: Screening slurry by rotation, equipped with a washing water pipe to clean the sieve holes, to clean light impurities and reduce the concentration.


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