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How Many Pulping Methods Do You Know?


    In the general pulping line, customers usually choose chemical method, mechanical method, chemical mechanical method and biological method to produce pulp. Customers can determine which method to use according to their own budget and quality requirements for the final paper product.


    The Difference Between Various Pulping Methods


    1. Chemical: The pulp produced by this method roughly retains the natural length of the fibers, removes most of the lignin, and can be used to produce high-grade paper with high strength and softness. The disadvantage is that the yield is low and the pollution is large.
    2. Mechanical: Raw materials are dispersed into fibers by mechanical friction, shearing, tearing, cutting, etc. It is characterized by high yield and no pollution. The paper produced with this pulp has low strength, brittleness, and yellowing after bleaching, etc.
    3. Chemical mechanical: Two-stage pulping, including two stages of chemical pretreatment and mechanical after treatment.
    4. Biological: Selectively decomposes (degrades) lignin in the raw material to minimize carbohydrate loss. Thereby reducing energy consumption of refining, reducing waste water pollution and improving pulp strength.


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