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How To Choose Hydrapulper To Recycle Waste Paper


There are three factors determined choose which kind of hydrapulper. First
factor is paper type to produce, second is pulping production capacity, third
is your budget. I will introduce four hydrapulper equipment in waste paper pulping
line. I hope it well help you.


D type hydrapulper is usually deal with LOCC, AOCC or OCC. Production capacity
is 30-1200t/d. D type hydrapulper is used in producing kraft paper,corrugated paper
and other packaging paper recycling pulping line. The hydrapulper is intermittent
beating. Adjustable gap between rotor and sieve plate ensures the pulping effect.


Drum pulper is mainly used for continuous gentle pulping and coarse screening of
waste paper under high consistency. Drum pulper can continuous pulp and preliminary
screen, simplify process. There is a good choose if your raw material is OCC or LOCC.
Few quick-wear parts, continuous pulping, low mainenance cost. Production capacity
is 70-1400t/d. It is used in packaging paper pulping line. Price is expensive.


High consistency hydrapulper is mainly used for separating waste paper and ink under
high consistency in waste paper deinking process. The hydrapulper is used in produce
toilet paper or culture paper stock pulping line. Capacity is 20-260t/d. It is also
produce packaging paper when choose wheat straw as raw material.


Middle consistency hydrapulper is mainly used for pulping wood pulp and other cleane
raw material. Intermitted beating. Continuous pulping and high efficiency. The hydrapulper
is used in toilet paper pulping line. Capacity is 40-800t/d.


There are four chooses in recycle waste paper pulping line. We can supply all. More
details contact with me please. Email