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How To Control The Pulp Consistency In Paper Pulping Line?


    pulp equipment

    Consistency regulator is install on the sizing pump outlet line of pulp chest in general, the outlet line of sizing pump equipped with consistency transmitter, sizing pump inlet line equipped with automatic/pneumatic slurry dilution water control valve, and consistency control cabinet with them form electrical control unit. This system called pulp consistency control system.


    If we want to automatic control and adjustable the quantify of paper making, need to equip electromagnetic flowmeter, automatic/pneumatic quantitative regulating valve on outlet line of pulp chest, and switch in electrical control unit. This called pulp adjustable control system of slurry.


    The pulp consistency’s control and adjustable, all depend on add diluted water in the inlet of pulp pump, detect the consistency in pulp pump outlet.


    It’s better to equip two sets pulp consistency control system. The purpose is make pulp consistency more stable. Because the control and adjust of pulp quantify one time is limited, if slurry concentration fluctuations, and easy to exceed the regulation and control range, then you need to adjust and control the second time.


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