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How to install 1880 type rewinder


    how to install 1880 type rewinder

    Rewinder is mainly suitable for kraft paper with a net paper width of
    2000mm or less and a basis weight of 100-250g/m2. The full-width paper roll
    that has been wound on the paper machine is placed on the unwinding frame of
    the winder and re-rolled into a finished paper roll that meets the width and
    tightness requirements. This rewinder is generally installed behind the paper
    machine, and is arranged in the left and right machine.

    Rewinder Installation Preparation

    1.First organize the installation personnel to be familiar with the structure,
    function and characteristics of the machine and related technical documents and
    technical requirements.
    2.The cleaning parts should be carefully cleaned, wiped dry, coated with lubricating
    oil or grease to prevent rust, and protect the work.
    3.According to the drawing requirements, the center line of the rack, that is, the
    longitudinal reference line.

    Rewinder Installer Method

    1.In addition to the motor base board, first correct the other base board installation
    and perform the first grouting.
    2.The center of the roll top core must coincide with the center of the center of the
    two bottom rolls when calibrating the frame and roll paper support roll/drive roll.
    3.Assemble the backing frame making racks on their base boards, and calibrate them
    separately.The second grout of the board.

    High-speed rewinder in paper machine,there is just a part of rewinder install method,
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