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How To Prevent Traction Wear On Paper Machine Wire And Felts


    How To Prevent Traction Wear On Paper Machine Wire And Felts

    Paper machine felts and wires are quick-wear part in paper mill, this is a big consumption for long sight. However, how to prevent traction wear on paper machine wire and felts? Here are the solutions as reference, hope can provide you help.


    Solutions Reduce Paper Machine Wire And Felts Wear


    1. Check the roller bearings to ensure free rotation – check the hardness and age of the roller shell
    2. Ensure that there is no abrasive material on the support surface
    3. Check the straightness and calibration system of the roller
    4. Confirm that there is no abrasive filler in the slurry
    5. Any sprinkler pipe has no sand and more abrasive substances
    6. Control the dewatering on the mesh to reduce traction load and traction wear – reduce vacuum to prevent wear of the forming wire on the vacuum box
    7. Check the setting of the forming plate to allow enough space for uniform, minimum chest roll dehydration
    8. Good maintenance, correct selection and adjustment of dewatering elements and forming elements can reduce traction wear
    9. Streaks are caused by solid objects on the forming plate or other fixing elements. Dehydration is not as good as other places, so it will be displayed on the paper.
    10. Check the energy distribution between the roller and the drive roller.


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