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How To Proper Use Centri Cleaner?


    how to proper use centri cleaner

    How to use and correct use a paper making equipment can prolong it’s service life and reduce the loss of pulp then reduce the cost for paper mill. Here are some matters need attention When use Centri Cleaner in paper mill.


    Correct Using And Install Method


    In Low Density Cleaning system working process, must check constantly, guarantee system stable running, reduce the loss of pulp.

    1. When install the Centri Cleaner, must install the field pressure gauge, in order to check if it’s pressure drop and pressure difference conform to the standard. It’s necessary to timely readjustment.
    2. Must equipped with sampling valve, to benefit check every section’s inlet pulp consistency. In necessity, readjustment pressure drop and pressure difference.
    3. Guarantee each of slag remover all in valid running.
    4. Check the last section’s discharge quantity and consistency.