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How To Treat Sludge In Paper Mill?


    There are a lot of fibers loss in the waste paper recycling process line. Fiber exists in sludge or rejected impurities. In the paper making wastewater treatment process, a lot of precipitation materials will be produced. Its components are generally fine fibers, lignin and some organic substances. More and more customers use waste paper as raw materials to make paper, which will mainly produce a large amount of deinking sludge, which is mainly cellulose, the filling box paint and some short fibers in the original paper towels. But how to deal with sludge to realize waste reuse? We recommend three methods to everyone.


    Methods to Treatment Sludge


    1. Composting treatment: sludge compost products are used for forestry production, and wood is used for paper making. After composting, the shape of the sludge is improved, the water content is low, the fertilizer efficiency is stable, and the price is low.


    2. The incineration of paper sludge: the heat energy of the high temperature flue gas generated by the incineration is recovered, and the bag dust removal and dry or wet stiffening tower are used to purify the discharge to the standard. The bottom ash from incineration is sent to cement plants and concrete plants as raw materials for building materials to make cement or added to commercial concrete.


    3. Paper making sludge anaerobic digestion treatment: under anaerobic conditions, the organic matter in the sludge is analyzed as important products of methane and carbon dioxide after acid digestion and alkaline digestion under the action of acid-producing bacteria and methane bacteria. Digestive organs. The use of the generated biogas can achieve the purpose of saving resources.


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