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    Summary About Hydrapurger

    Hydrapurger is used for removing a great quantity light rejects and a few heavy rejects in hydraulic machine. Matching with Sediment well.

    It used low friction type rotor, can evenly separate the pulp without broken the impurities, the light impurities will be drained from the top after washing to the drum screen, the heavy impurities will be drained from the bottom. The pulp discharged and impurities drained at the same time, short the process dealing time, increase the production capacity.

    Hydrapurger Working Principle

    The waste paper pulp which comes out from the Pulper will be sent to Hydrapurger by the pulp pump, and the reject will go to drum screen screen basket directly. With the rotation of the screen basket, the fiber and white water can be recycled, large impurities are discharged out of the system by the helical blade in the screen basket.

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