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Kraft Linerboard Paper Machine


    kraft liner board making machine

    Kraft linerboard is a paperboard that one or multi-layers liner pulp cover with one layer kraft pulp, which has high tensile strength, resistance and compression strength. We have manufacturing for high quality kraft linerboard pulp equipment and paper machine for paper mill.


    Kraft/Testliner Paper Making Equipment


    Raw material: LOCC, OCC, AOCC, etc
    Production capacity: Depends on the demand of paper makers
    Kraft paper making process: Pulp making(waste paper breaking, pulping, pulp screening, cleaning, washing, etc), fine pulp to make paper(headbox, wire part pressing, drying, calendering, winding, rewinding)


    The related kraft linerboard making machine is little different according to your requirement to paper quality and your budget, if you interested, welcome to leave message about the kraft paper making details, we will sent the linerboard equipment details and quotation to you. Email: