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Kraftliner/Linerboard Paper Machine



    Leizhan supply the whole set of Kraftliner/Linerboard paper making machine, here the details as following points.


    Kraftliner/Linerboard Paper Making Machine


    Raw material: 100% different grades of OCC for back and middle layers(AOCC, EOCC, JOCC and LOCC; For kraftliner, 100% UBKP sofe wood for top layer; For linerboard: 100% AOCC for top layer.
    Total production capacity: 1200t/d
    Annual production capacity: 30,0000t/a
    Reference paper grades: High quality
    Paper kinds and basis weight: Kraftliner/testliner: 150g/m²
    Basis weight range: 100-200g/m²
    Dryness after pre-dryer section: 94%
    Untrimmed working width at reel: 5660mm
    Stock temperature in headbox: > 40°C


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