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LOCC Pulping Line In Paper Production Line


    LOCC is a raw material commonly used in the paper mill to produce kraft paper, corrugated paper or T-paper. From waste paper recycling to final approach system, we are able to offer whole set pulping line equipment. After pulping, pulp screening, pulp cleaning and pulp refining, the accepts pulp will enters into the paper machine wire section. Our equipment can effectively process the impurities mixed in the LOCC and minimize the loss of fiber.


    Paper Recycling LOCC Pulping Line Flow Chart


    Chain Conveyor → D Type Hydrapulper → High Density Cleaner → Included Screen → M.C. Coarse Screen → Reject Separator → Middle Density Cleaner → M.C. Fine Screen → Low Density Cleaner → Fine Screen → Inclined Screen
    → Inflow Pressure Screen


    Leizhan offer all kinds of raw materials recycling pulp production line equipment, no matter OCC, wood pulp or waste books. Tell us your requirements to get technical proposal. More information about LOCC Pulping Line In Paper Production Line, welcome to contact us. Email address: