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Middle Consistency Hydrapulper for Pulp Making


    Middle consistency hydrapulper mainly used for pulping wood pulp and other clean raw materials. The S-type deconstructing rotor used in the middle consistency hydrapulper has smooth and widened blades. The main purpose is to produce excellent circulation while avoiding transitional shear and abrasion, which improves the service life of the rotor, the gentle disintegration process can maintain the length of the fiber. It is especially suitable for disintegrating pulp board, which is mostly used in the pulp line of household paper. Its operation is intermittent, and the energy consumption is relatively low. The operating concentration is generally between 5-8%.


    Main Advantages of Middle Consistency Hydrapulper


    1. The S-type deconstructing rotor has a mild deconstructing effect and greatly guarantees the length of the fiber. The material is 2Cr13, which has very good wear resistance and prolongs the life of the rotor;
    2. The sieve plate is also made of 2Cr13 material, which has excellent wear resistance;
    3. The cylinder and pumping chamber are made of 304 stainless steel, which is easy to clean and corrosion resistant;
    4. Low energy consumption, reduced operating costs;


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